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"How I Transformed My Body from Overweight Mother of Two to Nationally Ranked Figure Competitor in 90 Days …"  

 … And How YOU Can Too!

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Hi. I'm Lea-Ann, mother of two AND a nationally ranked figure competitor.

After the birth of my son 4 years ago, I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. "What happened?" I muttered to myself. "Who was this person staring back at me?"

It definitely wasn't ME …   

  • My tummy was squishy and I had a muffin top.
  • My butt felt like it was at the back of my now dimpled thighs.
  • My face looked different with the extra 20 pounds I was carrying – like a puffy moon pie face.

I craved sugar constantly … never had enough energy to make it through the day … wore baggy clothes to cover up the cellulite – "I hate that word!"

What Happened to that Slim, Sexy Body I Used to LOVE Showing Off to My Husband Just Before
We "Put the Kids to Bed?"

As a working mother of two, it's hard enough fixing breakfast for everyone, packing lunches, driving to and from soccer practice (or guitar lessons) … STAYING PRODUCTIVE AT WORK …

… Much less, making it to the gym and learning how best to keep your family healthy!    

If you're a mother, you know exactly how limited our time is, and how efficient our days must be to reach our goals.

Whatever we do to maintain our health and fitness MUST work, and fast – there's no time to screw around!

How I Went From 'Overweight Mother of Two' to 'Nationally Ranked Figure Competitor' in 90 Days

Since those treacherous days staring in the mirror and wishing I fit into my old jeans, I've transformed my entire body – inside and out – by adopting a few key habits I developed with help from my husband, Shane, a renowned organic chemist, author and alternative health enthusiast.

These habits are designed strictly for women because they revolve around our wildly shifting hormone levels and our natural ability to rebound quickly after having children (a technical term known as hormesis).

Since adopting these habits, I've competed in Figure Competitions around the country and have never lost!  I even won The Arnold Amateur and am working diligently at becoming a pro in 2009.

Now you can use these same secrets to transform your 'Mom-bod' into a 'Thong-bod': complete with trim, toned arms … shapely legs … firm buttocks … a flat sexy stomach … and CURVES!! 

In other words, a body you'll look forward to showing off in the skimpiest of bikinis and the tightest and sexiest of your old jeans!

Don't worry!  You won't have to suffer or be embarrassed in the gym, starve yourself, or choke down horrible-tasting protein drinks or supplements that leave you feeling shaky and moody…

Nor will I push the trendy, "eat every 3-hours," or "clean eating," or "no-carb," BS diet programs that do nothing more than leave you unsatisfied and "psycho-glycemic" – unable to cope with daily emotional stress.  

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  • What to eat and how to enjoy food again!
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  • Delicious recipes that are easy and quick-to-prepare for the whole family!
  • Which supplements work best
  • Which don't work at all
  • How to avoid grocery store fat traps
  • What chemical toxins to watch out for in your family's food
  • Cheat the exercise Gods and get the most out of every work out

I'll be your personal guide. And because these habits have been shown to drop blood sugar levels, optimize your hormones, and even reverse Type II diabetes, you won't just look great – you're going to feel great too!

Why Am I so Motivated to Help Mom's get Fit Fast?

I want to help you because so many Moms are getting the short end of the health stick!  We are told that our body just won't be the same after having kids… 

The medical community ignores our pleas for natural health and instead pushes dangerous and worthless thyroid meds or worse, SYNTHETIC HORMONES on us! 

…Personal trainers put us on ridiculous eating plans while insisting that we need to lift weights like 'roided-out dude in tight shorts…We are left feeling frustrated and annoyed.

All this nonsense has pushed me over the edge and I'm pushing back to change it all for the motivated Mom who is ready to work with me to get sexy back in 90 days – no nonsense!   

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